Check Out These AMAZING Study Spots at Cornell

Bearie has been to many study spots on campus, but here are his favorites. Feel free to share your favorites too! 🐻

Group studying:

  • Second floor of Mann Library: you can reserve a workstation if you visit the library’s website. TV’s are available if you wish to enlarge and share your laptop screen.
  • Uris Library Austen Room: located downstairs from the main entrance. Whiteboards are available for your use. You can escape downstairs to the quiet Cocktail Lounge afterwards for individual studying.
  • Duffield Hall: plenty of seating options lining the atrium. Vending machines, cafe, and bathrooms nearby.
  • Physical Sciences Building/Clark Hall: Go up one level from Goldie’s to find a perfect spot for group studying. Whiteboards are available. You can also find individual seating if you want to study by yourself afterwards (see below).

Individual studying: 

  • Second floor of Mann Library: there’s lots of space to study here. On a less busy day, you can snag an individual desk with a shell-like wall that closes around you for privacy. Otherwise, there are couches and chairs to sit on. It’s not a quiet space though, so you may want to hit up the 3rd floor if you prefer to study in silence.
  • Physical Sciences Building/Clark Hall: take the exit door to the left of Goldie’s Cafe and walk up a flight of stairs. There’s a hallway with individual study desks along the windows. Outlets are available at certain desks. Don’t forget to bring up some lunch/dinner from Goldie’s!
  • Catherwood Library in ILR Building (Ives Hall/the one that looks like a prison): the first floor is a peaceful spot for studying. Relatively easy to find seating even during finals week. Large tables.
  • Uris Library Cocktail Lounge: from the Austen Room, take the staircase enclosed in glass down to the Cocktail Lounge that’s open 24 hours Sunday-Thursdays. It may be hard to snag a seat during Prelim season or Finals week but something about the air down there… makes you get. work. done. Check out views of the slope if you’re by the windows.
  • West Campus libraries: if you or your friends live on West, the libraries are a great spot to study if you want to crawl back upstairs and pass out right after. With the all you can eat dining plan, you can also swipe in and grab ice cream and coffee.

**Good luck!🐻**

Olin & Uris Library Hours: here

Mann Library Hours: here

More Library Hours: here

Catherwood Library Hours: here


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