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Bearie’s Guide to Summer in Ithaca

When you’re stuck in Ithaca over the summer and don’t know what to do, read this post and resist the urge to escape to New York City every weekend!! Summer’s almost over but if you are in Ithaca now please put these things on your bucket list… before winter comes!

  • Explore Ezra’s Tunnel: do it before the city decides to close it. Yes, there is a bit of dangerous climbing involved to reach this destination. #doitforthegram
Sunbathing on the Ithaca is Gorges rock, overlooking Ithaca Falls
A beautiful secluded waterfall…
… infiltrated by Ithaca high school boys
  • Ithaca Falls: You can admire the very top of Ithaca Falls from the rocks at Ezra’s Tunnel but make sure to check out the view from the bottom too!

    Ithaca Falls on a rather dry summer day ☀️
  • Farmer’s Market: Bearie does most of his self reflection in the shower OR when sitting across from Cayuga Lake. Good luck finding parking though, lol.
  • Wegmans: Because you’ll actually have time for meal planning & grocery shopping instead of ordering takeout or heating up ramen! #ilovewegmans #everyoneloveswegmans
  • Photoshoot: Perfect for posting on Instagram. Also, there’s fewer people to photobomb your pictures.
FullSizeRender 43
#morethanjustaprettyface 🤓 
  • Get your ice cream fill: Cornell Dairy Bar, Purity Ice Cream, Sweet Melissa’s… the choices are endless. I’ve also heard Cayuga Lake Creamery is 🔥 but it was too far away. Luckily, they sell it at CTB, so go try it!
Soft serve ice cream from Sweet Melissa’s. With sprinkles, of course 😛
  • Ithaca College: the one and only time I came here was to admire the fountain tbh.

    FullSizeRender 42
    Ithaca College
  • State Parks: Buttermilk, Robert H. Treman, Taughannock Falls, Watkins Glen… there are so many to choose from and I think you should visit them all 🐻. Vehicle entry into the parks is $8. Check out the state park websites to see when you can enter for free (they usually stop collecting fees after 6 PM 🙂 )
    Sunset at Taughannock Falls State Park
    FullSizeRender 45
    Watkins Glen

    A busy summer day at Robert Treman State Park
  • Ithaca Commons: check out the amazing restaurant scene (post on that soon to come!) and the local shops. FullSizeRender 44IMG_4936
  • Go for a run: you’ll have plenty of time to work out so no excuses! I recommend running towards Ithaca Commons for beginners because it’s downhill. You can walk on the way back 🙃. I tried running on campus and got wiped out wayy too soon. 🐻

Let me know what YOUR favorite thing to do over the summer is!

-Bearie 🐻


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